Were Edgar Poe A Tweeting Man, Carbon Would He Have At Hand

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    My on-again-off-again relationship with Twitter goes back a while, almost to the service’s beginning. Once every couple of months or so, I get it into my head that I’m going to take a more active tweeting role, and I hunt around for a new Twitter app that will make all the difference. After all, didn’t I stop because the official app was so dreadful, and I just don’t have the luxury of visiting the Dot Com? Yeah, that must be it. Getting a new Twitter app is just the thing I need to get excited and re-engage my embarrassingly-low number of followers.

    Brought to you by Dots & Lines, Carbon is a beautiful app, to be sure. I was attracted by it’s obsidian pallet, which is employed with vigor. This app is minimal, and dark. I don’t mean it has a dark theme, like so many others. No, this one is just dark, and it stays that way. When you first open Carbon, you’re greeted with a brief splash screen that could easily be the cover of a Poe anthology. The basic interface is relatively minimal, if you’re into that kind of thing. I’m all about the mnmlz. You should be too, really.

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