Twitter's New API v1.1 Seeks To End 3rd Party Twitter Clients For Good

Discussion in 'Off Topic Forum' started by silverfang77, Aug 16, 2012.

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    I can't say I'm surprised. Twitter has shown thinly veiled hostility toward third party apps for a while now, such as with the new OAuth protocol, which was quite an inconvenience for third party app users. Now they bring their hostility into the open and almost plainly state they want third party apps gone.

    Well, it is Twitter's own network and service, so they have the right to do it, but as the user of two third party clients (TweetCaster Pro on my Droid 4 and Echofon on Firefox on my laptop), I'm rather dismayed by all this. Why does Twitter care how we access them? The site is free, so it's not like they're making money by us going to the site and using the officials mobile apps, as opposed to if we use third party apps. These moves seem borne of pettiness to me and I hope users of third party apps will raise a hew and cry and tell Twitter that this is a nasty move on their part.