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Discussion in 'Liberty ROM DX' started by bamaboy74, Feb 25, 2011.

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    First off....i am now a Liberty Head. Its awesome. Nice and clean!! Cant believe it took me this long but im here. ok question 1) I notice my Z4root app is gone. Im thinking its on my back up. I had someone email it to me to download. So i didne put it on SD like i did ROM. So is it on backup or have i done something stupid?? 2) I tried to go into toolbox and change my theme to blue gingerbread. It rebooted but didnt change it. So now what? 3) How or where can i get a clock that says the words not numbers?? Im currently running weather flip clock. But i like everything clean. Ive seen a few people using just the words for time. Thanks in advance!!!
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    Welcome to the Liberated World...nice isnt it...

    1) Now that you are running Liberty, you really dont need z4root any longer...the ROM has root ability built in to it...look in your App Drawer and you should still see the "Super User" icon. If you did a complete Nandroid back up, then there should still be a copy in whatever folder you originally had it stored...

    2) Themes can sometimes have a mind of their own. In the past when I switched but the theme didnt actually switch, I just went back and switched to a different theme for a bit, then went right back in and switched back to the original theme I wanted to switch to in the 1st place..and surprisingly, it worked. :icon_eek: There is also the slim chance you can do a Battery Pull and then try switching to see if that works..if not, then you may have to do a Cache Wipe..not full a full Data Wipe though...

    3) I believe a lot of people use Minimalistic Text for Apps and Clockr for text based clocks...

    Any other questions, feel free to ask...someone will have an answer for you...