LGB, cant change pulldown or fonts

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    I cant seem to change my pulldown text. I have no text in the bar or my lockscreen as of right now. No verizon wireless. Nothing. I tried using the toolbox, the customizer, and even a hex editor and the framework-res.apk. Nothing. it wont change. Also, I cant change fonts thru the liberty toolbox at all. It says its downlaoding and installing, then i reboot, and nothing's changed. any insight onto what may be causing this?

    edit: i am not running any theme, and i am from a fresh sbf of froyo to gingerbread rooted, to liberty gingerbread. no apps installed yet, just loaded liberty and tried to change fonts and pulldown right from the start.

    edit again: apparently if im on my old altell plan, but using a verizon phone it wont say verizon on the screen or pulldown? My network says unknown also. I read this in another forum and was wonderign if this is true. If so, whats the deal witht he fonts then?
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