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    I am an amateur Android developer and I've created a tool that shows stats (position and page number) of an android aplications from Google Play in different countries (not everyone is aware that the store looks different in every country).

    Here is the link to the site: (removed)

    How it works?

    Page allows two ways of search, by application name - for example 'Angry Birds' and by application package name - for example 'com.rovio.angrybirds'.

    The first way (search by application name) leads you to list of applications matching search query. The second way (search by package name) leads you list of countries where the app is enlisted. The list shows country name, category name, page and position. The country link leads to details page with position history, charts and some details about app.

    Page is still under development (so may contain errors) and not all countries and google play categories are available.

    A few examples:
    Search results for Angry Birds by name:
    Search results for Angry Birds by package name:
    Details for Angry Birds in Austria:

    If your app is not available in search results write me an info so ill try to answer why.
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