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    Since the inception of the Google Play the question - how does this app store operate (read: how does it rank apps) was the number one. This week we can that say that, at least partly, this question was addressed, during the last week Google’s I / O Google Play Ankit Jain did provide a great insight into how Google Play works.

    Quite frankly this is the priceless information for any Android app developer. In a nutshell here is the scope of what was revealed:

    • 12% of DAU (daily active users) search for apps daily
    • 50% of DAU search for apps weekly
    • 6 million unique search phrases being searched monthly and roughly 50% of those are misspelled words!
    • An app’s title should reflect it’s purpose, be short, unique and creative.
    • The first app’s description sentence should give a clear picture of what app is about
    • Screenshots and video are the crucial ingredients to entice people to download an app
    • There are device and geo targeting in place for reviews and ratings
    • Jain highly recommends that developers with a tablet app get the “designed for tablets” designation.
    • Make sure your app’s page on Google Play are getting links with targeted keywords in its anchor text and it sounds enticing in general.
    • Don’t imitate an existing popular app’s name and again - remember about all those 50% of monthly search queries that are essentially misspelled words.
    • Keep your app package (APK) small - small apps are getting more installs.
    • Create the viral loop for your app: A. Get users to review your apps. B. Don’t get users to leave your app. This can be accomplished by adding an in-app Google+ +1 API, and in the future, Google will release an API for in-app user reviews. C. Integrate Google Play’s newly launched game services.

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    Good to know!

    bb to dx to razr to note 2 oh my
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