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    The applications section of the forums has been a hotbed for new development as of late. One of the newest apps to be released solves a pretty common problem especially for those of you that switch from rom to rom on a regular basis. The headache of lost contacts can be frustrating. Google will restore your contacts for the most part but on occasion i have found that some of my contacts have been lost going from rom to rom. Another common issue with Google contacts is that you may have lots of duplicate contacts especially if you have synced facebook to your contacts. Once you have finally cleaned all of this up it can be pretty annoying to see a jumbled mess once you restore your contacts after a device swap, or a rom flash. This can be an unorganized mess.


    Total backup by DF member "Adriantc" gives you the ability to backup and restore your contact joins with one click. You can save your restore points on both internal and external memory. This way you never loose your contact joins, which can be a real tedious process, again! More information and downloads at the forum link below.

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