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    If you are a crackflasher like me and you go from rom to rom on a regular basis, or maybe you are just a high roller who buys every new phone that ever comes out, you have probably ran into the scenario where Google auto downloads and installs whichever applications were on your previous device or Rom. This can be frustrating as it is time consuming, and you may not even use half the apps that are auto downloaded and installed. On new devices that are short on memory this can also instantly eat up all of your memory on your device. There is a way to avoid this. You can disable the synchronization with the Google Play Store and use an app like the new "Backup Manager for Apps and Data" by developer "Bartito". With this app you will be able to backup and restore only the applications you actually use and the important data within those apps. You get a free 7 day trial to see if this is an option that will work out well for you. Head to the playlink below to give this app a try. This app does require root.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    I tried this app, and gave it a shot, but it was a bit difficult to configure and backup one app. Hopefully the developer will streamline the process a bit. Until then, Titanium.
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