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Discussion in 'Android Applications Discussions' started by harv2000, Oct 4, 2010.

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    I use Touchdown for Office (Microsoft) email. Works fine.

    I have about 7 other email addresses I monitor (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.) I have tried the standard email app (Droid 2, stock OS), but from what I've seen, the only choice to look at more than one account is to go into settings, change the default account, exit the app and restart it. This seems um, stupid as an interface.

    I've tried K9 Mail, and the display is much more friendly, but at least for me, the push functionality is badly hit or miss. I have no way to know that I've gotten my email except to do a manual synch. I have push setup, but at the moment have background data off (that might be it, but having it on didn't seem to make a difference). In todays push capabilities, this all seems a bit silly.

    I looked at the Gmail app, but I've not been able to discern how to connect the app to the additional (non Gmail) accounts that have been defined on the phone.

    Anyone else having these problems or am I being obtuse?
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    For the Gmail app, go to the Goggle Gmail website/inbox. Under settings is an option to add other accounts. Gmail will then poll the other accounts on a frequency based on each accounts activity (1-5 minutes iirc). The emails will be pushed to the Gmail app.