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    Sorry in advance if these questions seem overly simple and obvious. I've been pouring over this site looking for answers and can't seem to find any relevant information.

    I have an original Motorola Droid, unrooted. Yesterday I started getting error messages in the system tray about low memory and something about text messages being rejected because the text memory limit had been reached. I deleted upwards of 300 texts and continued to get this message. Went to the Verizon store and the guy there told me I needed to do a factory reset to start getting texts again.

    First question, is this info correct? Do I have to hard reset my Droid to fix the problem?

    Second question, I know the phone is supposed to automatically sync with my google account and backup my contacts and such...so is there any way I can verify that the information backed up is up to date?

    Third Question, What Data am I going to loose in this process? Apps? Do I have to re-download them all? Are they archived somewhere or should I make a list?

    Fourth Question, Can I back up and restore the layout of my phone or do I have to manually rebuild everything (backgrounds, page/icon orientation, ring tones etc. etc) If so, how?

    As I said I've been trying to find answers to these and coming up empty. I am not interested in rooting my phone to accomplish this...if that's the only way then forget I asked. Links to threads which cover these topics, or detailed explanations of how to achieve any or all of these would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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    I don't know if hard reset is necessary. Try settings/applications/manage apps. Look for the text message app and clear data. Maybe that will help

    Your contacts should be saved in Google server. You can always. Save them to SD card if you want

    Sometimes apps load back too just like contacts. I would write them down just in case.

    No, you can't save the layout of phone or make a backup unless rooted

    You can also try a different text app in the market rather than the stock one. Who knows, you may like it better.

    Pm me if you need more help and good luck

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