Facebook World through the science lense

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    Whether you already have a Fan Page for your app or consider creating the one, every piece of hard analytics data for the biggest social media platform will be helpful for you. Ultimately the reason for having a fan page is to establish a presence for your brand, reach out for its audience and start a conversation. To achieve this goal you need to be aware of what topics are popular, what interests different age groups of Facebook, both male and female, users have. I can perfectly understand situations when people are getting frustrated with Facebook after creating a fan page and having no idea about why they are failing to engage people to become its fans.

    A great deal of valuable data is presented in this StephenWolfram blog post -
    Stephen Wolfram Blog : Data Science of the Facebook World It’s build upon a million Facebook users dataset, it’s really Better than nothing at all. And then, obviously, only Facebook is capable to analyze its close to a billion users database and tell you the exact numbers for the topics I’ve raised in this post bust as we know this data isn’t publicly available and most likely will never be. So grab this post data and make use of it in your app marketing strategy!