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    Hi everyone,

    Today I will be introducing a new and Innovative App that will help you Connect your Digital ID with the Real World.

    Free QR Code Generator   QR Generator Free   Hipscan.com (Copy).png

    'Hipscan' is an All-In-1 QR Code Scanner and Generator App that is very much now the future of the mobile marketing. Hipscan is an all-in-one, lightning fast QR code reader, QR code marketing and mobile engagement solution that is designed for users who want to manage their QR codes in an effective and innovative manner.

    App Download Links:

    Google Play store: Hipscan v1.0


    The app is not merely a QR code scanner but it is a new and an innovative way for mobile marketers to engage with their clients swiftly and on-the-go. The built-in code generator and scanner provide a single-click marketing option for advertisers looking to direct traffic on their websites using QR codes.

    Hipscan - App Features:

    Hipscan – QR code scanner app for Android houses some pretty innovative features that will take users QR code usage experience to a totally new level.

    Some of these features are:

    • Engage with your audience instantly with social media integration including Facebook & Twitter integration

    • Send your audience directly to a landing page specifically crafted by you

    • Send your audience to a page with more information about your company. For instance, if you have placed your Hipscan on your business card, mobile users can scan and be directed to “about us”-style page on your website.

    • Hipscan allows you to create custom landing pages to fill with any content you want. Create a page for special offers, coupons, polls, or anything else you think your audience might find as being beneficial.
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