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    So, I had the d2 and sed jrummys oc app, effin loved it...was using it on my d2g when I got it...until my battery kept getting super hot no matter what settings I had, oc, uc, lv, ulv, hv, everything...so I read a few threads and saw ppl talk about milestone+ setcpu...I thought it was faster stock fission no oc app...bu my battery suffers because of such... ..which brings me to the point of this thread...I read there is an experimental setting in jrummys oc app...if so where? Or is there a way I can add another frequency and load my own up on it like is possible w setcpu...I want my phone@ 1400 like my d2 was, and down to 600 and still be sturdy when im less than 50% battery...so, can anyone help a frustrated d2g owner?...I should've called asurion and bît***d until I got a dx or something that doesn't suck...especially since I don't go out of u.s.....ugh...fml
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