Droid: Home and Search Keys Not Working

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by angelrodriquez, Sep 17, 2010.

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    I am having issues with my Motorola Droid home and search key no longer working.

    More information on this issue can be found here:


    I have also reposted my question here:

    My home and search key on my Droid are not working. How do I fix this?

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    I recall powering down my phone, but the unusual part was that it restarted on its own. I am assuming this is because some sort of software update that occured at the same time that I powered down my phone. I can not be too sure.

    Anyways, my home key and search key no longer work.

    I have tried messing around with Lock options, but nothing has seemed to resolve the issue.

    I powered down the phone, removed the battery, and restarted the phone. The problem persists. I even turned off the phone, removed the battery, and held the power button, then put the battery back in and restarted. I had read this might fix it in another forum. This didn't seem to help.

    Additionally, and like others have reported, my additional Power Down Options have disappeared as well. When I power down my phone, it simply has the "Power Down" option and is missing the "Airplane Mode" and whatever additional options USED to be there.

    Anyone know how to resolve this without doing a factory reset? If I have to do a factory reset, is there any way to save all my phone apps, etc. to my computer in an easy fashion?
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    I am thinking a factory reset won't fix your problems either---chances are you will have to bring it in to VZW
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