Droid 2 w/Cricket...Impossible??

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    I redirected myself from this thread: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-2-hacks/116991-droid-2-w-cricket.html

    ive been reading around some postings and keep reading cricket cricket and cricket. any droid 2 owners in here with Cricket Service? Currently I have a supposed full flashed DROID 2 w/ $45 monthly plan and a z4root, droid 2 bootstrapper, clockword recovery, astro file management, rom manager, superuser, and a transformers decepticon boot...I want to do this flashing for myself im tired of these peeps not knowing what to do, plus the city that I live in is 10 years behind...everything worked until about a month later little problemos here and there:

    for e.g. right now i cant receive phone calls..everynow and then the phone shouts out Verizon Wireless network lost then verizon wireless again...web, making calls, txt work..but sometimes pix messaging doesnt...I have seen Droid 2s with Cricket service working just fine but im assuming they've had their phones properly flashed..i want mine the same if possible..Where do I start to troubleshoot is my question??

    some info:
    System Version 2.3.20.A955.verizon.en.US
    CDMA system ID: unknown..ive been trying to get
    ..wat else would be helpful to include
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