Cricket WILL NOT activate flashed X

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    Hello All,

    I am a noob. I used the site to flash my Droid X to cricket and had NO PROBLEMS! I used an old cricket number that was pay2go and was shut off by cricket 3 months ago, just to see if it would work! The disconnected cricket number does give me internet, and I am loving it, not sure how when the number is disconnected but I am currently not complaining about that.

    So I have 2 Droid X's that I want to take to CRICKET. The ESN's are clean, I just can't afford Verizon Wireless's high bill, my contract was up so I canceled. I realize that I am in an AWS market for cricket, Baltimore/Washington area and supposedly the phones should not work at all but I am getting the 3g internet with symbol and all and I get the welcome to cricket when I dial *611, HOWEVER, I tried to open a new cricket account and customer service said I must go to a store because it is a non cricket phone, I go to the CORPORATE cricket store an hour from my home and they say, THEY CAN'T ACTIVATE, there system won't allow.

    CAN ANYONE HELP ME!! We do have local flashers in the area but they won't help me at all unless I PAY THEM to flash the phones and $80 a phone is steep for something I already did for FREE and I know they work I just can't get CRICKET to give me service.

    Any advice or help would be great!!
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