DROID 2 stuck at yellow loading bar! HELP!

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    My droid 2 is stuck at a yellow loading abr and i need some assistance to help completely rid my phone of it!
    Oh my god!! For the last 2 days i have been freaking out. I have recently rooted my droid 2 and waw just enjoying the fact that i could use it for internet on my computer. But i was looking in my liberty toolbox app and noticed the downloads section and decided to download the very top download which i think i remember it just being a liberty rom to use with the themes listed below. idecided to que the rom, and a couple of themes(had no idea that some themes would not work on my phone). When the downloads were done it notified me that it needed to reboot my phone so i just said okay and did it. Since then i have been stuck in what i think is a "boot loop" where all i see loading is a yellow loading bar that i can not get rid of. I had installed titanium backup but there are no backups present in phone when i try to restore it!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!
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