Droid 1 stuck asleep? Battery Pull & Hard reset won't help....

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by gg7aph, Jun 22, 2011.

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    I work up this morning, checked my phone, sent a text, hit power button to send it back to sleep. Next time I picked it up and hit power button the screen refused to wake up. I know the phone was alive, as the green LED was flashing. I did a battery pull, but got nothing on the screen...not even the DROID or Moto logos that appear during boot up. However, as before, I could tell the phone started up as the green LED was flashing.
    I did a hard reset by pulling the battery, reinserting and then holding down power button + X. Nothing. I'm assuming the yellow triangle screen loads, I just can't see it.
    Funny thing is my screens not dead or damaged, as when initially starting up I can see the backlight come on.
    Phones out of warrenty and I have no insurance. If it's dead, my only option is to buy a replacement.
    Any advice is gratefully received.