DG2 turning off and on + Bluetooth issue

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    My wife and I both have DG2's. Both are rooted. I have read the forum, but haven't really found an answer for this issue. My wife’s phone will turn itself off and on almost once a day. Have not done a hard reset yet, but am about to. First question, any ideas on why one would do this and both of phones? We have the same things on both. Second question, if I do a hard reset, should I unroot first or does it make a difference? Nest item, there are times that my wife gets a text while driving and so she, being a good driver, doesn’t look at it, but if she leaves it she can’t make or receive a phone call over the Bluetooth. Anyone have any thoughts on why this would happen? We are running stock ROM and only using chargers that came with the phones. Thanks for your help. I am posting this in the tech forum also.
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