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    I just got my Eris 2 days ago and I'm pretty thrilled with it. One thing that is bothering the heck out of me is all my contact icons are really blurry. I spent alot of time trying to solve my problem and in doing so figured out some weird things, but I'm still no closer to a solution.

    I was setting some icons up and then stopped and then later made a call. The icon for the person I was calling looked really blurry and I thought that was strange since it was from a high res pic. Later I was setting more icons and I used a .png file instead of .jpg. For one reason or another I called that number right away and noticed the icon looked great. It was a relatively low res image so I thought the file format was the trick. I went through and converted allll my icons to png and cropped/resized them on the pc to minimize any scaling the phone would need to do. So as I started linking these images to contacts I'd occasionally call to check the icons and they were all fine. Once I was done I called the wife and ger icon looked blurry again. I went through and checked and all but the most recently set icons were blurry.

    As far as I can tell if you set an icon it will look fine immediately after but with a lil bit of time it gets pixelated and blurry. It looks like the phone is upscaling the lil thumbnail it shows when you're looking at your list of contacts on the lefthand side.
    but that is the only
    Another forum member pointed me towards an open ticket on the Google code Android project, but thats the only other mention I could find of it online. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks
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