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    Hi all, been a long time since I've stopped by but this Pixel phone's got my interest as my Droid Turbo is starting to age. At this point is by far the most stable phone I've ever had, and I love the battery life. But you know how it goes, shiney new things and whatnot. But I'm finally putting my foot down and refusing to buy another Droid, sick of getting hosed by Verizon with updates. Enough.

    First off there's a lot to love here. I'm a photog so the camera has a lot of appeal. All the other stats are solid, good processor, ram, all that jazz. I'm fine with a 16gig phone when there's unlimited free storage for pics and video which is a nice touch, so SD doesn't leave me wanting. Battery and screen quality are yet to be seen, but I have a lot of hope for both so for now it's just question marks.

    Now the WTF's. As everyone else looking at this phone is saying why the hell isn't it waterproof? I mean it costs them pennies to make this happen on a per unit basis. That said I haven't dunked a phone since my OG Droid (which survived this...twice). But there's principles here and this is the end of 2016...get with it. Up next, speakers. My Turbo's speakers are crap, and I'm sick of it because I listen to music at work all the time. Why. WHY can't a premium phone with so much good have to crop out on this? And now we get to price...this is a Nexus flagship phone with different clothes, and I'm down for that. But for top buck you can't cut corners these days, the market is so dilute with options that phones at half the price can outflex flagship's with better performing components, and that's a problem. This phone is very, very close to perfection...the sort of thing that makes people wonder why Apple is a household name anymore, yet once again the devil is in the details. A few $$ worth of components could have taken this from a good step in the right direction to a blockbuster. I'm fine with paying for top shelf liquor but you have to hold the fruit flies if you want me to drink it.

    So far I'm giving it a B+. Just a few seriously obvious items away from a 100 A+. Shame.