cannot restore ClockworkRecovery

Discussion in 'Koush' started by plenoz, Nov 24, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I'm recently using CM6, last day i try flashing using other ROM.
    Before i flash it, i already made backup using clockwork recovery.v2.5.0.1

    when i using other rom BB & SS, i cannot restore it. I though maybe the ROMs incompatible with clockwork.

    SO i came back using CM6 again, but why i still cannot restore my phone ? my phone always booting to M logo and back to clockwork recovey menu.

    i have tried so many time to wipe and isntall again but still no result.

    NEED your suggestion please...

    and another thing last time before i install CM6 i already have installed SPrecovery, but why now it missing.. any idea ?