Can someone explain how to do this?

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    The following is an excerpt from another forum

    "Its taking forever. But i'm uploading a zip to mediafire to run through rsd lite. Unzip it and open rsd lite. Run the default_targa_flash xml. Thats it. It will flash everything you need, automatically reboot into recovery to finish the radio flash and reboot the system when its done. Rsd lite will say manually power up device. Ignore that message. Wait till it says pass before you do anything with your phone. You will be prompted there is a update available. Forever root and sign into google before you accept and install. If your coming from the .901 update, after recovery flashes the 5.5.893 update, you will be throw into fastboot with a cdt.bin failure. You will have to flash the cdt.bin from the. 901 update zip. When you reboot, it will say failed. But everything will be in place.The boot and recovery image are courtesy of realbbb."

    I was able to run everything through rsdlite per the instructions. I just don't understand how to flash the cdt bin from the .901 update. That's where I'm stuck. Any help would be appreciated

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    It's a command file in that folder that you would run if you get stick in fast boot with a certification error. Just double click it.

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