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Feb 6, 2014
May 4, 2010
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Android For Life

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Feb 6, 2014
    1. timmy10shoes
      Hit me up on google chat. timmy10shoes@gmail.com. Its easier to have a conversation.
    2. Mbk
      PM sent Yonnor
    3. Yonnor
      Hey man if you ever wanna port any themes to the D3 lemme know, I've been helping ChevyCam beta test Steel Droid, and would gladly help test any themes you have. :)
    4. Yonnor
      If you ever need any testers for D1 Themes for Project Elite feel free to hit me up man. You do amazing work. TruBlu FTW! :D
    5. zerosouls
      lets fight
    6. Yonnor
      I just got back to the PC now, all I have to say us your theme is amazing, I love it 10000%. Thank you for letting me use it! You're the best :)
    7. Yonnor
      I was curious about your TruBlu Gingerbread theme you made? lol I know you were keeping it primarily for personal use, but I was wondering if I could check it out possibly?
    8. Mbk
      Thank you 1st Sgt, and Semper Fi ....
    9. ssgtboehnlein
      Thanks again for this wonderful work you have done for me. My whole phone i wish was USMC like the icons but now at least i have your awsome work and wallpapers. Send me your donation link if you can, God Bless and Semper Fi 1stSgt USMC Scout Sniper Retired
    10. Mbk
      Thanks for the feedback...
    11. mjh68
      Just wanted to Thank you , the Packers one worked great !
    12. Mbk
      I already did have Ravens requested and will probably get to it by weeks end...
    13. marcusdavidhall
      Good stuff with the NFL lock screens :-)
      Will you be doing all teams?? I would to see a Ravens theme
    14. Mbk
      Laurie'there' on the East coast? ... you'll be a Master Droid in no time...;) I'm farther west than even the west coast, if you can imagine where that'd be...lol

      Anyways, have fun with your new Droid, well at the very least for another few days before you try to look into rooting... :p
    15. Lauriehere
      Hahaha OK, next I have to learn how to respond to a message using the same box? Where does the reply go? Oh ... I think I need to read the "How to's" on here. Anyway ROOT it is! Wow, yeah, you know way more about my phone, I just wanted fb, the web, all good stuff with no worries.. then I got smart today and decided, no more snooping... put a code on ..the damn thing locked me out !! the first day! And leave it to the snoop to unlock it! omg. haha. I will laugh at this for awhile... where are you from? Must be West Coast... because it's way late here. N How caome your a " Master Droid" and Im a "juke or something?" :)
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