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    What is the best way to sync an outlook calendar to a DInc? I refuse to use Google calendar I do not want to have to sync to the web and then to the phone. I also do not like Google calendar at all there were too many issues when I was using it in the past(nor do i want the the grouped email thing but i am working that out. any good free email apps?). I want to be able to plug my phone into a computer and click sync and poof my calendar and contacts are now on my phone. I really liked being able to do a 1 way sync from my outlook to my Tour because I could sync 2 outlooks (work and personal calendar and contacts) to one phone without hassles and it all goes to 1 place on the phone. I am new to the droid from a BlackBerry and I am almost to the point where I want to go back but I cant give up the touch screen and Angry Birds is electronic crack.

    Any suggestions?

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