Bricked Bionic w/ JB(4.1.2)installed!!

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    Download the ICS rom(246) and the JB rom(4.1.2),unzip all to your desktop,then turn off your phone and take out your
    sdcard,copy the jb rom (if you don't have it yet) using your comp..
    Here's the TRICK: from your unzipped jb rom,copy the cdt.bin to ics rom folder (overwrite-copy/replaced).Now,flash the
    ics rom using RSD Lite..(be sure you have all the drivers) will notice
    that you will fail to no. 15 or 16(it means you have passed the no.5 due to a cdt.bin)...Now power off your
    device and turn it on by pressing both +- volume button and hit the power on
    button(for stock recovery)..don't worry about the droid w/ a triangle exclamation point :) just hit both the
    +- volume button until you you get in to recovery(it tookme a minute or
    two till i got in :) ),once there,don't forget to wipe the data(i do this for 2x) and the cache.
    Then flash the jb rom to your sdcard..This is what i I am back to JB Rom,but w/o ROOT! :(

    Hope this Helps!!..And pls. don't ask any questions,because i did this only one time! :p
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