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    -EDIT #3-
    I guess I should have flashed a radio on here as well since I have no connectivity other than wi-fi. Anyone recommend one? Will any for Inc2 work or are they rom specific?

    -EDIT #2-
    Pardon my ignorance! In my own defense I do have a 1month old, and a 20month old... and a full time job..and summer classes. So.. my mind is gone.

    Anyways after finding another thread about clearing data & cache my boot loop with CM7 was solved.

    I did forget to put the Google apps on there.. so I gotta do that now. Otherwise everything is good!

    Apparently I was further along than I thought. I was able to put CM7 on my SDCard and install it. NOW, it is in a boot loop. I'm going to try installing it again, or just using the recovery I made a week or so ago.

    I just want to preface this buy saying I'm new to this process. I started trying to root my phone about a week ago without getting everything ready before I started. I made it to the point that I got my phone 'backed up' via clockword recovery. Once I got to the point of using HBoot (I believe), I was getting an error about a missing DLL. However, I was able to located that DLL on my machine in the spot it was supposed to be. That's where I left off.

    Fast forward to today. I decided since I didn't actually root my phone (I thought I had only done a 'temp root' in order to do clockworkd recovery) that I would just install the OTA 2.3.3 update, since I was having trouble flashie ng CM7.

    Bad Idea... now I'm stuck in the lovely boot loop.

    Can anyone help a newbie out.. I either want my phone back to stock, or (preferably) successfully get CM7 [or other rom] on my phone.

    Any help would be appreciated... The more thorough and clear the better!

    Thanks in advance!

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