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    My Droid Razr Max was working fine battery wise. I was getting 16-20 hours no problem depending on how mu h I use it throughout the day.

    For the past 3 days now I am only getting about 8-9 hours. I went under settings, and took a screenshot of what was using my battery. For a few seconds the first item read *WAKELOCK* and then would change to what you see in the picture, MOTOROLA SERVICES, the value stayed the same at 35% or there abouts.

    My phone is rooted & I just installed GOlauncher the other day. Not sure if that might be causing a problem or not. I also have TI Backup and frozen some of the blotware like Blockbuster, Amazon MP3, etc. The only system file frozen is the auto updater. I was real careful not to delete or freeze any other system programs.

    Please give me some ideas on what to check to find out why my battery capacity has been almost cut in half.

    See attached battery useage screenshot.

    Sorry had to add a link to my dropbox to view the screenshot. For some reason when I tried to attach the .JPG, my forums apparently would crash.
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