Atrix HD on Jelly Bean ROOTED! The Method Should Work On RAZR HD and Maxx HD As Well!

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    When we accepted the Jelly Bean 4.1.1 over the air update a while back we noticed that we had lost root. Some of you had mentioned that you were able to roll back to ics, root the phone, backup root with ota rootkeeper, and then accept the ota update to jelly bean and restore root. This seemed to work at first but it was soon determined that ota root keeper only provided a pseudo root and that the Razr HD was not actually rooted. Since the update the only way to restore root was to downgrade to ICS and root and just be a version behind.

    DjrBliss the same guy that has been finding exploits on these motorola devices since I can remember has done it again. He has found a new root exploit that will legitimately root the HD on Jelly Bean. The process is very involved and is not in the form of a simple one click exe like previous methods. You will need to set up a Samba share and mount the share on your phone using a file manager app. You will also need a working Linux environment to get this working. Once you have all of that set up you will need to just be good at following directions and be ready for lots of copying and pasting of commands. Hopefully this can be condensed into an easier method although i have a feeling DjrBliss would have already packaged this up all nice, neat, and easy for us if it was possible. Head to the link in the description for the full guide!

    Via XDA
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