Another Unofficial leak for the Motorola Droid Bionic. 5.9.905 Anyone?

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, May 16, 2012.

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    Motorola is taking their sweet time in getting ICS rolled out to their devices! Ice Cream Sandwich was made available almost half a year ago. Motorola did release an upgrade rollout chart a few months back. It however did not specify any time table as to when it would have the update out. The Atrix and Photon are scheduled for Q3 2012. Hopefully the ICS update comes out before Jelly Bean Android 5.0! Sometimes it makes you wonder if we will ever see the release on these Motorola devices. It is always nice to see a leak here or there to at least remind us that the manufacturer is still working on it. DroidForums member Dave12308 found a new update in the Cheescake app labeled 5.5.905. This is not ICS, In fact it looks like the only change here is the CDMA radio, but this is the latest version of GingerBread available and is hopefully a step towards an ICS release.

    In the past Cheescake updates were notorious for leaving folks stranded on a leaked build with no easy way back to the official upgrade path. However this leak appears to be pretty safe. Dave12308 says that not only is it Rootable via Motofail, but you can also FXZ back to .902 to get yourself back to the update path.

    To install just download the file, drop it on your sdcard (no need to rename it), boot into stock recovery, and choose the .zip. Pretty simple.

    What are you waiting for Grab the file here

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    I'm always up for a radio update.

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    I flashed this last night it works fine very easy to do if you have rom tool box. I back up all my app data and then just reinstall so playing around doesn't take hours to reconfigure your phone. FXZ'ing back is so simple why not? 902 data sucked 904 was so much better we will see about 905 battery life. 904 didn't seem to bad when idle but when using the phone I noticed it ate the battery. I received the soak test email 2 weeks ago and nothing moto is ridiculous why promote a soak test then not send it out. I really hope google gets moto's **** together.