[ROM] Unofficial CM9 nightlies for the Droid 4 are here!

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    By now you have heard that the ICS leak is here and kicking tail for the Droid 4! Roms are starting to drop now for those of you who made the jump to the ICS leak. One of the first roms to come out for the ICS leak is CM9/ICS for D4 by developer "Hashcode". This build is unofficial and will have a few bugs for now. In order to flash this Rom you will need to be rooted, you must be running an ICS leak (keep in mind there is currently now way to get back to gingerbread and the official upgrade path), you should have SafeStrap v2.0 installed.


    What's working in this build? :
    -4G and basic phone functions
    -All sensors
    -Camera, Panorama, and Faceunlock
    -Video Recording
    -HD youtube

    -CM9 built in wifi tether doesn't work use included wireless tether app instead
    -Wifi connection issues related to stock TI MAC
    -Display rotation bug (Hashcode working on a fix now)
    -bluetooth bug
    -CAPS LOCK key Inop
    -HOME capacitive button Inop

    Other than the few minor issues this Rom seems to be pretty darned stable and is definitely worth a flash! Just remember that if you decide to go to the ICS leak to flash this that there is no way back to stock gingerbread for now.

    Grab the Rom here

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