After a full week a couple of issues that hopefully have simple solutions

Discussion in 'Android Applications Discussions' started by cb3FSU, Dec 29, 2009.

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    1) Why are so many apps constantly running in the background? As soon as I shut them all down in Advanced Task Killer they come right back. Its ridiculous and its causing quite a bit of lag.

    2) For some reason Im finding myself without a GPS signal fairly often. 3G works fine, but the GPS wont load. Right now my weather widget is blank and has been since I got back to Orlando from Raleigh, where it worked fine. Its taking literally minutes to load the GPS when it will work, to the point tonight where my girlfriend just pulled out her iphone and looked up the directions because it was taking so long. I have a feeling issue 1 is contributing to this.

    3) How do I remove the standard apps that come with the Droid like Messenger in favor of Handcent, or at least make another app an absolute default? Whenever I get a text it comes through both programs and then asks me which I want to use to open the text. Every time I check the box to use Handcent as the default and every time I get the prompt. Whenever I open a media file it asks if I want to use Meridian or Music. In my car today I accidentally hit the wrong button and had both programs open playing different songs. Very annoying.

    4) How do I a) immediately send it to sleep mode b) keep it from going into sleep mode and c) remove the slider to wake it out of sleep mode?

    These are really pretty much my only issues with my Droid. I love it, but it certainly seems like more often than not there is something buggy going on with it, causing it to run slowly and force close. I cant think of any reason why an app would open and run in the background on its own or stay on after I close it out or use the Task Killer.

    Could this be Home++ having issues?