A Couple of Issues...

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    A Couple of Issues(browser load bar & App Installer)

    I'm getting a lot of issues with froyo, as I would have expected with an unofficial version. None that make my Droid a total stress-inducing headache, but irritating nonetheless. If anyone has the same issue and solved it, I'd greatly appreciate some solutions.

    I'm running on Team Chaos Froyo Black Ice. Everything is smooth except maybe these common issues everyone else might be having.

    Android Market wasn't working(updates and downloads) so I tried going back to 2.1. But then I ran into processandroid.process.acore continuously force closing. I went back up to a stable 2.2 and downloaded BGill's Market fix(thank you so much! :D) Everything fairly tolerable here.
    My current problems are:
    * App Installer immediately force closes upon opening.
    *Web pages won't fully load. The loading bar stops mid-way and just sits there. I have to click on urls twice or three times for it to properly load.
    As mentioned, they're tolerable issues... I can deal with them, but it'll always feel like I'm trying to make the best of something broken. I'm sure everyone wants a problem-free droid.
    So I'm just hoping for some solutions. I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance! :)
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