Wifi Smart Action stopped 4G Completely


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Jan 5, 2012
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Ok, So After getting my Droid Razr last week, I read up on the smart actions, and it seemed like most people used one which Disabled Cell Data, When connected to your preferred WiFi Network. I set this up, and the battery lasted great. 2 Days later I was in the car, and went to go check Facebook, and it just said "No Internet connection", I noticed that it did this for every app. What I realized happened was that the 4G/3G/Cell Data had never turned back on after i left my preferred WiFi area. To see if this was the case, or if I just didn't have cell data, I went in and made a Smart Action to enable Cell Data all the time, and BAM the cell data turned on and I had 4G. So my question is, how can I fix this? I don't want a smart action to have to turn on Cell Data everyday especially considering I have to start it every morning(for some reason it turns off when charging). Please help, I don't know what to do!!
I think in Data Manager that Data Enable is being unchecked and not coming back on. Maybe make an additional rule to turn it on.
Yeah mine dies that too. I have to manually check it back on.

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If you connect your phone to bluetooth while in your car, you can create a new smart action that tells it when the bluetooth connection is made, turn cell data on. My smart action for the car consists of:

Triggers: Bluetooth Connection (to my SYNC)

Actions: Ringer volume-Vibrate and 0%
WiFi - Off
GPS - On
Cellular Data - Enable