Where's my Phone?


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Oct 30, 2010
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My daughter came to visit and she has an IPhone and I liked the ability to track her on her 10 hour drive home using the IPhone App Mobile Me. I have been looking for something similar for the Droid X, but have only come upon Google Latitude or Where's my Droid. Neither one of these work like the IPhone Mobile Me app. I have downloaded both of them and they are not very "simple" to use. Does anyone know of something out there?
I have used Glympse which may provide similar functionality to Mobile Me. There is an iPhone version and also a web interface, so anyone with access to a device with a web browser can follow you.
I will give that one a shot. I did notice that it is something that I have to send and I guess I was looking for something where someone else can log in to a site knowing my login and password and know where I am versus me sending them a "Glympse". I hope Droid comes out with something like that soon. With the "Mobile Me" application, I know the user name and password and can track at any time. The user does not have to send me an email or text first. Thanks for your help.
I use the security app Lookout on my Droid phones which allow me to send a request to any of my phones and it'll show me exactly where they are. I don't know if u can load Lookout on the iphone. The best for me has been Google Latitude, but then again I don't think you can do it own the iphone.

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