What are the best earbuds?

I've written to Samsung about that for the Circles as well as their watches to show battery next to the connected icon.
They responded that they're pushing the suggestion to their development team.

Yeah it would be a nice option. It's not necessary, but after the voice announcement you have no other way to know how much juice you have left.

Which also reminds me that I need to find some of those tiny hair bands somewhere!
The most expensive would probably be something by jl audio..lo
My jaybirds were $150 and I balked at it. There are some insane prices, $3k for earbuds and higher out there.
I paid 1300 for custom mold 6 driver Westones..best investment I've made for on stage and in studio ...sound awesome even listening to mp3's..
I was still playing music semi professionally ..its not an expenditure I'd suggest the average listener make..
Do you want actual earbuds or are IEMs ok, you know the ones that actually stick in your ear. Try the Zero audio Carbo tenore or Carbo basso..they're under 50 bucks on amazon and they sounds great. I have the tenores and really like them..if you want more bass get the bassos but apparently the highs and mids dont sound as clean as with the tenores...I haven't tried the bassos yet though.
Rocking the power beats 2, yes beats are overpriced. But awesome for working out, and I used a lot of headphones. And I have went through a lot of headphones.

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I have Shure e4c when i worked at CompUSA so at cost were $150. Great headphones. The do have some inexpensive Ultimate Ears that sound really good. Bought some from dailysteals.com while back for $10/ea. In store were ~50 at Best Buy. I love my Shures for the foam tip. Squeeze them and the expand in your ears blocking out everything
Not sure how the Beats iBeats are but Groupon has them for $40. Groupon has quite a few in ear headphone deals.
Hey, Check out Samsung's latest earphones 'IconX'
They are affordable and comfortable. Worth buying :)
I'm loving the one fream Beat. Especially for sport, its very convinient