what non-bluetooth headphones/earbuds is everyone using?

Etymotic ER6i
I used to have these and really liked them as well. You do have to be careful with the cords and not pull on them to remove them though.

Ety's are very accurate and detailed but they aren't suited for those with a bass fetish.
I'm using the Zagg Smartbuds (older model, not the ones that came out last month) and they work great. The cable management works as advertised, audio quality is great, and I have almost no complaints about microphone sound quality on calls with them.
I have the Sure E3s and some new Ultimate Ears that I really like (better bass). The Etymotics I tried (and took back) had great separation, but less bass (my personal main qualifier). Forget those Bose - they are an odd bunch: people either seem to love them or find them worse than stock Apple buds.
I have V Moda Bass Freqs. They sound great, with deep bass, but the damn things never stay in my ears even with 3 sets of fittings.
Lovin' the Klipsch S4's. The silicone tips are conical, so they fit better in my ears, and block out more sound. Excellent bass, and balanced sound all around. At about $75, it's the most I've spent on ear buds, but I'm very happy with them.
Nuforce NE-7M. I'm not much of an audiophile but they're just $50, have a mic + button, and the guys at Head-Fi seemed to like them.

Also its black with copper accents on the buds, matches the Droid :)
I have a pair of Monster Beats Tour ear buds. They're in ear and they do a great job of blocking out noise, you can pretty much use them as earplugs when the music is paused. Amazing sound, clear highs and crazy bass. Also they dont tangle which is a huge plus because untangling headphones is unbelievably annoying. Also have some Bose ear buds, also great sound and good bass. Both are great ear buds but i prefer the Beats because all you can hear is your music, not the person on their phone next to you.