DEALS: iClever Bluetooth Sports Headphones On Sale!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you are looking for a new set of quality bluetooth earbuds look no further. iClever currently has their two newest and most popular sets of bluetooth headphones on sale. I had a chance to use the BTH06 BoostRun headphones and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. In my testing I found that these do an excellent job of not slipping out of your ear in the middle of a workout which seemed to be a problem with my JayBird Bluebuds X headphones. I was also very surprised at the sound quality I got from the headphones. You get a full range of sound although the bass leaves a bit to be desired. The headphones also get very loud, loud enough to be heard over my lawn mower while mowing grass. They are super easy to connect to any bluetooth device simply press and hold the center button until the led flashes blue and red then connect. I have really enjoyed my time with these headphones. They normally go for about $28 but are currently on sale.

iClever BoostRun BTH06 Only $22.99 when you use coupon code "L27IPP4E"
iClever BoostRun BTH07 Only $19.99 when you use coupon code "CT536ZGU"


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Dec 23, 2009
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Looks very similar to power beats 2. I'm surprised Apple didn't go after them.

Now how is the sound quality and battery life up against the big boys?

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