Water Damaged Droid - Questions


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Feb 21, 2010
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I played good samaritan and helped a couple stranded in a hail storm. In the process my droid workered its way out of my pocket and hit the ground/pond. I found it a minute later... of course it was giving me the signs od death by drowning...

Anyways, I removed the battery instantly. Placed it in a bag of rice as soon as I could, two days later I tried it out, after the screen defogged. It powered, the touch works, but the screen will not light. The sound works, droids at me a few times, green message light blinks. Water damage sticker is red...

Wife bought it for me for our anniversery... no insurance.

So, heres the questions.

1. Whats the repair cost of a new screen?

2. Do you think it can be replaced?

3. Can I get one of the bad ESN phones from ebay and use the screen?

4. Is it possible the problem is in the motherboard?

5. Any other suggestions?

6. what are my chances of the Verizon store caving and giving me a new phone for free?

7. Any suggestions as what to say and not say to the Verizon rep?


Jun 9, 2010
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throw it in rice for even longer. i dont think a couple days is enough time? my old iphone got wet, and after a week of rice time, its almost flawless...


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Nov 29, 2009
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2 days is on the low end IMO for the device to fully dry. If there's damage there's no telling just how much is damaged so it's impossible to estimate repair costs which can quickly total up to more than a refurbed replacement.

You're not getting a free replacement. Doesn't matter what you say with tripped moisture indicators and there are hidden ones buried in the device so lying (or omitting if you're the type that thinks there's a difference) won't help. You can buy a refurb, go used, etc. My suggestion is get insurance or set aside cash so you have the funds for a replacement next time.
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