Wanam Xposed Removed From Play Store


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Oct 6, 2011
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Yesterday you may have noticed that your Wanam Xposed app had disappeared from your app drawer. This is because the developer of the app "wanam" has decided to remove it from the Play Store after discussions with Google. The wanam Xposed module is one of the most complex tools for modifying Stock rooted Touchwiz. The app allows users to make changes to Samsung security settings like Knox and as such is not allowed in the Play Store. Wanam made the decision to pull the app in order to keep his developer account with Google in good standing.

For people who are still asking why I pulled out the App, it’s simply because Google does not allow playing with Samsung security stuff anymore: Knox, secure storage, Device status… my module will become useless if i remove those features, so i decided to unpublish my other modules as well, and will keep updating them on the Xposed repository.

This was one of the reasons I didn’t push my L update of the module to the PlayStore months ago, i need my dev account and i don’t want to put it in any kind of troubles.

The module will still remain available in the Xposed repository so if you see that it has disappeared from your app drawer you can grab the module from the link below.

via XDA