XPOSED [Module] Quick Access (From Your Lockscreen)


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Oct 6, 2011
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While lock screens can serve to protect your device from prying eyes, if you aren't one to add a PIN or a pattern to your lockscreen it is really kind of pointless to have to swipe to unlock your screen. It can even become frustrating at times if you are hurrying to get to a notification or if you are trying to get to an important piece of information contained within an app and you have to first unlock your screen. I can think of a few apps where timing can be crucial. Just think of all of the kodak moments you have missed fumbling around trying to get to your camera app.

Xposed modules allow you to modify your device as long as your device is rooted. There is no need to be running a custom rom with xposed framework. Developer "kevdliu" has released a module which will allow you to get to your important apps faster than ever. Quick access allows you to launch your selected apps over the lockscreen without unlocking your device. You can also swipe to launch Google Now, or launch applications from lockscreen widgets without unlocking your device. This also allows you to hand over your phone to friends who can check out a certain app without having full access to your device. Head to the link below for the download.