Disabling KNOX On Samsung Galaxy Devices Without Root


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Oct 6, 2011
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Knox has been added to the Samsung Galaxy lineup of devices in an attempt to lure in the business class of customers. Knox is meant to keep your device safe from any type of exploit and is meant for those who would like to use their device for personal and business uses like corporate email, contacts, exchange and more. The reason you may want to remove Knox from your device is because it causes all sorts of conflict if you are rooted. It can cause Force Closes on any root apps that you may have on your phone. You will get a pop up on your phone when SuperSU is called for action. This can be an annoyance. You can remove this by disabling Knox services.

To Disable without root simply Open the app drawer, tap samsung/Samsung Knox, tap the menu button in the Knox homescreen, from the options select knox settings, select about knox/uninstall, you can either choose backup your knox data or not, then just enjoy the benefits of having no Knox on your Galaxy device. More info on this can be found at the source link.

Via DroidViews