Volume control for D2 dialpad on custom ROMs?


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Apr 2, 2010
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I have a D2 and the volume of the dialpad coming out of the speaker (numeric keypad while dialing a call) is very low. My wife has a D1 and it is completely adjustible from a "0" which is off, to a "15" which is LOUD! On her D1, the keypad/dialpad volume is controlled by the "Media" volume control.

On my D2, the keypad/dialpad volume is controlled by the "System" volume control, but the only options are either off or on at a level equivalent with a "5" on my wife's phone, making it difficult to hear in an environment where there is some background noise. In a car while driving, it's virtually impossible to hear.

I believe this is a problem with the current version of the stock ROM having either lost connection between the System Volume control and with this register (16 bit register for keypad/dialpad volume) or was set and frozen at the current level for whatever reason I can not imagine.

I am trying to find out if any (or all) of the custom ROMs provide the ability to control this audible feedback similarly to the D1. This will weigh heavily on my willingness to root and install a custom ROM as I feel that not being able to hear the dialpad while driving becomes a safety issue. As it is now, it causes me to look away from the road and to the display to confirm every digit entered, whereas a quick glance while dialing and hearing the tones would be sufficient otherwise. I never had this problem with the D1, but with a Verizon upgrade this issue has become apparent.