Fine Volume Control, adds a dial to the volume dialog and lets you go below 1 bar vol


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May 30, 2011
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Fine Volume Control V2

Hey guys,

We've rewritten Fine volume control, and it now works much better. It basically allows your volume to be set anywhere from 0-100% (1% being almost inaudible). It's great if the regular 1-volume is too loud on your device, or you want more precise control over audio.

Major rewrite - no longer uses the earpiece speaker
  • With the new app, you get 100 different volume levels from silent to full volume.
  • Control volume with an onscreen dial. Ideal for tablets
  • Works on Media/Alarm/Ringer & Notification/System (in-call excluded)
  • Has an automatic overlay that appears when changing volume (ROM dependent) but also has a regular volume control app
  • Fully customisable
  • For those people using ROMs that don't support the automatic popup, there is a secondary launcher icon that shows the media volume dial for a few seconds.
Fine volume control V2 (Trial)

Fine volume control unlocker

The original app is still available on the market, but now deprecated. If you buy the unlocker app, you can use either version.

I've just released a new app that enhances the standard media volume dialog by adding 2 functions:
  • A fancy volume dial (complete with glow) to use instead of repeatedly pressing the volume buttons
  • A finer volume setting that effectively lets you go below 1 bar of volume by redirecting sound to the earpiece speaker when you drop below a threshold marked on the slider.
Free version:

Full version: includes more colours, dialog styles, adjustable dial sensitivity, size, toggle button pulse and removal of ads.

Let me know what you think. :)



Aug 20, 2012
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what happens when you use the volume rockers? hold them? im looking for finer steps in my music listening, but dont want to mess with a knob while i am working out. i am rooted if it helps.