Voice Search vs. Voice Dial


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Dec 1, 2009
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Hey everyone!

I was messing with voice dial today and, as you know, when you speak a command it brings up an option which you ultimately have to confirm with a button press.

For the fun of it, I wondered what would happened if I gave the exact same command via Voice Search instead. Call xyz at home. Imagine my surprise when it not only recognized the command just fine, but actually began dialing the number by opening the phone app!

I know I'm not a genius and this has probably been discovered, but here is my question: Why build the functionality into the voice search, but NOT the actual voice dialer?

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

i use the voice search for all voice functions it works great
It's interesting.

With voice search the upside is the auto-dial. The downside is the fact that if you completely whiff you find yourself in the browser. Adds more steps on a fail, but far fewer on a win.

With voice dial, it only searches your contacts. So, it's pretty much 1 selection after speaking your command every time.

Choices, choices. :)