2.2 and Bluetooth Voice Dial


Feb 13, 2010
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Well...We now have voice dialing via a hands free BT device with Froyo. BUT, what a piece of crap. I'm not sure where the developers dragged this turd from, but using a Scala Rider headset for motorcycles, it's totally unreliable, dialing names that are not EVEN close to what is spoken. The dialing commands spoken in your ear are unintelligible. This headset was absolutely OUTSTANDING with an Ol' Motorola flip phone, so I know what it is capable of.

Damn, I love the Android platform, it just really blows that one feature like this remains elusive...
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It works for me. I tried it with my Blue Ant Q1 and I couldn't hear anybody on the other line. Switched to a cheapo Plantronics and it works great. And fits better too. :)
I have a motorola hands free bluetooth unit installed in my car. When press the call button on the unit, the voice dialer on my phone activates, but only on the phone speaker itself, not on the bluetooth unit. Only after the call is dialed does my car unit pick it up. As a result, the phone has to be kept out nearby me in order for me to hear its messages and for it to hear my commands. This is quite unsatisfactory.

I know that there are several voice dialer applications in the android market and I have tried several of them with no better luck. Does anyone know of an application that does a better job?
call me stupid...but i can't figure out how to use the bluetooth voice dialer....where is it located and what is the secret?
call me stupid...but i can't figure out how to use the bluetooth voice dialer....where is it located and what is the secret?

No secret. Just connect to bluetooth normally and then tap the call/answer button on your headset and it will ask you to speak. Say "call xxxx" and it will dial. At least that is the way that it works with my Motorola H715 headset. The voice is like some 10 year old computer generated voice, or perhaps they tried to make it sound robotic on purpose. It is more accurate than my last 2 LG phones though.
Ya, they really went out of their way for this. It was probably the last thing on the list before release...
Agree with Plongson. Voice dial is a piece of crap. Seems like it picks calls at random and sometimes dials the wrong person. Try stopping the call!!
Have a motorola 715 like theoldfart. He must not have a lot of contacts. Hard to believe that Droid "doesn't" when it come to performing like a phone.

OK, maybe a solution. After playing with voice dial I found that if you open your bluetooth device and try to make a call immediately after connecting it will call the last number dialed. I believe you have to wait for 45 to 50 seconds after activating allowing time for the voice dial program to load. So far seems to work. Maybe Droid does after all!
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Doesn't work for my wife. Doesn't work for my brother. Works fine for me.

Go figure.
All I have is a cheap little $20 LG earpiece. Fits just fine, works well.
Sitting on the toilet, phone's in the other room, BT turned on. I press the earpiece.
It asks me to give a command.
I say "Call so and so."
It will reply, "Call so and so at home or call so and so mobile?"
"Call so and so at home."
"Calling so and so at home."

What more could you ask for? ;)
I've always had a couple of problem contacts that I could never voice dial with this phone. Doesn't seem any worse now that we have bluetooth. Overall, it's about what I expected and much better than no bluetooth dialing at all.
my bluetooth, plantronics......doesn't seem to want to do that.... guess i'll have to dig out the manual for the bluetooth!
I can't get my BT Voice Dialer past the Starting Up page. I just get "Starting Up" with a slash through the microphone illustration. Using Motorola H505 BT unit si I would think it would work. Any ideas?
I also think the blue tooth voice dialing leaves a little to be desired. It does work for me but often it turns off the bluetooth just before the call connects. It also would be good if it actually showed the number it is dialing along with the name since it does make so many mistakes.

Also, when it does make a mistake, and readsback the wrong contact, it should wait for you to say "yes" or "no" before dialing. If you say no it should re-prompt you to speak again.
My Plantronics Voyager Pro and my Cardio S-800 both work find using BT voice dial. The Plantronics I have to hold down the call button for about a second, then the "speak now" message happens. With the Cardio, I just have to tap the call button.