[VIDEO] Free Wifi Wireless Tether on the Droid4 D4


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Oct 6, 2011
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Alot of you guys that purchased your Droid4 have rooted it by now, and you are asking the question how do i get Free wireless tether on this bad boy?! Some of you have been asking if the Bionic tether hack works, the one that is applied in sqlite. The truth is it isn't necessary. You can simply download and install the wireless tether app from the web. It works flawlessly and thanks to the Motorola D4's stout radio you get a solid 4g connection that will get you a pretty reliable 20mb down and 5mb up connection!

It should be noted that using this kind of app is against Verizon's TermsOfService and your contract could very well be terminated. So you are forwarned.

You can grab the apk and discuss your use here!