Verizon Droid 2 PRL Codes


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Oct 29, 2010
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Hello. I have a Droid X and my wife has a Droid 2. My Droid X recently had its PRL updated to 52299, and I was wondering if anybody knew what the Droid 2 PRL was updated to, and where I could get that as a download? We live in an area where *228 will not work and therefore have to wait for whenever we get down the hill, or I can upload it to the phone via QPST. Any help with this would be helpful.

Also, anybody have an idea how we can get 3G where we live, in the Sonora, CA area. I posted a similar question on the DroidXForums for my Droid X, but if anyone can help I would appreciate it. Verizon is in partnership with a local company, Golden State Cellular (GSC) and has us limited to 1x even though the local company is successfully running 3G. There is some kind of an arrangement where Verizon customers can have voice, text, and 1x on GSC towers, and in return GSC can have voice, text and 1x on Verizon towers though both are capable of 3G, and supposedly they will open 3G up for both at some future date that niether seems to know. I believe GSC uses US Cellular towers but don't know for certain.

Thank you.
The PRL is not phone specific. Next time you're in native coverage area, do *228 and update the PRL (roaming) and do with both phones if you can and both will be the same PRL number.
Yea, I was hoping I didn't have to go down the hill to do that, especially since it's rare for us to do so, even more so my wife. I don't know why it is, but whenever we've done that in the past, the Droid X would always have a different PRL than the Droid 2, so though I know it isn't 'phone specific' per se, for some reason the D2 is never given the same PRL even though we are on the same plan.

Thank you.