Changing PRL on droid


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Feb 23, 2011
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Here's my problem... I have the motorola droid that i got from verizon wireless. way back when i first got this device i had reception problems. they were mostly at home but also occurred elsewhere. There had always been an alltel tower near my house that would give perfect reception. problem was that my prl set wouldn't switch to it unless there was absolutely no service from the verizon tower that is 3x as far away. this most of the time meant that i would be dealing with no bars at all of signal strength. i was losing phone calls, timing out web pages... blah blah blah.
Anyway, so... after a long, long struggle with verizon in asking why they couldn't allow me to use the alltel tower as a priority considering they had purchased that section of the alltel network, i was able to get my problem resolved. i was unaware of what they did then, but now i believe it was a PRL push. after this was done i had near perfect reception at ome and almost everywhere else... which was all over considering i traveled a ton for work.

so, when my company sold out it's contracts and i lost my job with them, I had to go it on my own with phone service. verizon told me that a plan comparable to what i was on before would cost me 115.00 a month... even if i could afford it, i was unwilling to pay that kind of price for mobile phone service. so, i went with a company called page plus. they use contracted verizon service locations and have the same coverage map... where my home seems to be right in the middle of good service... not!! Anyway, after climbing 2 tiers of support with the company i was basically told nothing could be done because verizon doesn't like to cooperate with their contract company's clients.

SOOOOO... my point finally!!

I believe that changing my PRL would completely resolve my issue, and we all kn0ow that isn't something that can just be highlighted and changed.. from a thread i found., i think 65169 would be a good prl for me. mine is currently 52367. so, what do i need to do to make this happen? how far do i need to go to make this change on my device? i apologize if this question has been asked before, but i was unable to find any relevant threads regarding this issue. any thread or article urls about this will be equally appreciated. thanks in advance for any advice that can help me with this!