Changing Prl?


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May 1, 2010
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I know the phone has only been out 2 hours or so, but does anyone have any idea on how to change the prl on the X? *228 keeps giving me a dam alltel hybrid prl that only allows 1X. I had to change the prl on my original droid to get it to work in 3g, just wondering if anyone has come across it yet.

That didn't work unfortuntly just says programming unsuccesful. I had to use cdma workshop before but the phone had to be in diagnostic mode on the droid. Just need to see if there a key combo to that on the X.
They aren't going to be able to fix it because they couldn't with the original droid it has to do with my number being an alltel number, they say the fix is go to a verizon plan( which I am on lol). Only fix I have found is flashing a verizon prl to it on this hybrid alltel/verizon one they give out.

I am having problems with my phone as well. I have been for over a year. Everything was fine with alltel but since verizon my phone won't ring or show a miss call, sometimes can't dial out. They tried the prl thing which did not work. I also had a rep tell me it was because I had a verizon phone on a alltel contract and just last week I had a rep tell me that the other rep that told me that a year ago was not telling me the truth. She said it doesn't matter which contract you have but nothing seems to help. I get so many people telling me that they call my phone and it is not ringing for me. I have tried everything and nothing helps. Verizon has been one big pain. I have the droid now and I have more dropped calls and worst service than I have had with any of my other phones. I swith phones alot. I have had a hue, a razr, a ax300, a lg dare a k1m. I have had almost every phone you can think of. I love my droid but hugely disappointed in the service and dropped calls!!!!:icon_evil:
You need to manually change the prl on ur droid. Ive done it to my friends who was on an alltel plan and had the same problem I was. Just search google for how to change droid prl its like the first link just follow step for step.
bump. hopefully someone can help figure this out. lol